Intro to Weekly Mac

I don’t know about you, but I love comfort food perhaps a bit more than I should.  There’s something about those familiar recipes that just make a person feel at ease, happy, and, well, comforted.  And what embodies comfort food more than mac and cheese?

Like many Americans, I grew up eating my mac and cheese out of a very familiar blue box.  I loved that stuff, and it was a great treat when we got to have it.  Although I have in adulthood discovered I am gluten intolerant and therefore can no longer partake of the Blue Box Mac, there is a gluten-free equivalent I could easily make.  It’s quick, it’s easy – what more could a person want in this harried pace we tend to lead these days?

Well, how about some variety?  There is nothing wrong with any of the boxed mac and cheese necessarily (except perhaps some unnatural ingredients, poor nutrition, etc.), but sometimes a person does want a different flavor without sacrificing that homey, comforting nostalgia so often evoked by a warm bowl of mac and cheese.

In the summer of 2011 I asked some friends for some mac and cheese recipes.  I was surprised by the number and variety of responses I received.  Someone (or was it a few someones?) suggested starting a mac and cheese recipe website.  Well, I thought, why not?

I think trying to get a recipe per day is way too ambitious – and would obviously have a rather adverse effect on the waistband.  So how about shooting for a recipe for each week of 2012?  Fifty-two weeks in the year, hopefully fifty-two recipes before this time 2013.  I’ll be rating them based mainly on taste, but also on ease to make – and I’ll probably be roping some friends in along the way on their opinions.  Let’s see how we go!


4 Comments on “Intro to Weekly Mac”

  1. Ami says:


    Also, the stovetop mac-n-cheese recipe reminded me of one that a friend posted on Facebook. She was a “foodie” column writer for the local paper, and she has made this recipe & it worked (using wheat pasta, though, as far as I know). I’m not sure what alterations that would require, because it does NOT boil & drain the pasta beforehand–it cooks right there in the milk! Here’s the link:

    Good luck!

    • Lex says:

      Thanks, Ami! I saw a similar recipe on a few websites, and I myself am not sure how this would work with gluten-free pasta (maybe the same?) At some point, it will be attempted – as will the vegan mac recipe you sent me!

  2. Ashley says:

    Hey Alexis! I found my way here from a comment I saw by Jen on FB. I totally love the concept for your blog and will definitely be following throughout the year. If I may make a suggestion for a mac and cheese you might want to try?

    It’s a spicy macaroni and cheese with quite a few veggies in it, it’s my go-to mac and cheese recipe when we’re having steaks or something from the bbq.

    Good luck in your quest! 🙂

    • Lex says:

      Thank you! I am happy to have another reader. I definitely welcome any new recipes – and even better that it has some veggies in it for some semblance of healthiness (I have enjoyed The Pioneer Woman’s other recipes I’ve tried).

      Thanks again – and I hope you enjoy!

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