Recipe 6: Salsa Mac Hack

Here is the first of a series of what I call “mac hacks.”  What exactly is a mac hack?  It’s adding something to a pre-packaged box of mac and cheese to give it some zing of sorts.  I’ve said before, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the Blue Box (or gluten-free equivalent, in my case) – ignoring the obvious unknown chemical make-up of the usually-orange cheese-product-powder and the questionable nutritional value (but honestly, if you’re that worried about health, you probably shouldn’t be eating mac and cheese – sorry, just keepin’ it real).  I love me my homemade mac and cheese, but sometimes I don’t have the time to shred it all up and mix it all together and (in some cases) baking it – and heck, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing all that.  So while pre-packaged stuff isn’t all that great to have all the time, I think it can be acceptable occasionally – but let’s liven it up a little.  Mac hacks are great because they combine the convenience of instant-food but can personalize to your individual tastes.  Plus it takes such a little idea to change the flavor so dramatically, just a small suggestion that can make a person say “That is so easy, I have no idea why I never thought to do it myself!”

I am not going to be giving ratings to mac hacks.  At their base, they are pretty much the same (Blue Box or equivalent) with minor tweaks, so I don’t think a full review is as necessary.

This mac hack came to me from a former coworker of mine, Ann, who was among a small group of women who had called themselves my “Work Moms.”  Among Ann’s many awesome traits is her involvement with her actual children (not just her “adopted work kids” like me, as it were), which includes preparing some delicious recipes she would at times share with the office on potluck days.  Her offering: Add some salsa to a box of the cheesy stuff.  I would caution to add it in slowly – too much could easily become overly watery.  This is great because many people already keep salsa in the fridge, and it can be made mild or spicy according to one’s tastes.  Plus it adds a little more nutrition by including veggies – though you might want to round things out with a salad on the side or fruit for dessert if you are really worried about getting your daily servings in.

Sunday I will be making something delicious for a Super Bowl party – recipe will be up later that night or possibly the next day.


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