Recipe 14: Pizza Mac Hack

Not sure what things have been like by you, but over here the weather has sort of skipped from kind-of-winter to kind-of-summer – which is a shame, if you ask me, since my favorite seasons are the “in-betweens” of autumn and spring.  Spring has somewhat returned for today, but likely not for long – well, long enough to get a bunch of allergens in the air.  What about Climate Change being a hoax?

Anyway, let’s skip politics and move on to food, shall we?

This is a nice variation on two different quick-and-easy meals: Mac and cheese and pizza.  What’s great about combining the two is that both are so flexible and easy to personalize to your own tastes that the possibilities are practically endless, even for “just” being a mac hack.  The easiest thing to do, I think, is to add a little tomato sauce to your finished box of mac (store-bought or homemade)   – and then use your imagination!  Add a little sliced pepperoni, sausage crumbles, or if you lean towards the vegetarian, some sliced peppers and onions.  Just throw in whatever you like on your pizza!

Well, maybe not whatever… Not sure how anchovies or pineapple would work… But hey, if you try it, let me know how it turns out!


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