Recipe 24: Mac Hack Helper

We haven’t had a mac hack in a while, have we?  Well, here we go.

Got a box of mac?  While it’s cooking (er, boiling), get a pan and brown up about a pound of ground beef.  I suppose you could use ground turkey or even a non-meat substitute, but I’m trying to emulate another quick and easy boxed item here.  One which involves hamburger.  You could throw in some spices too if you want (and a lot of unnecessary salt too, if you’re really trying to be authentic), but I’ll leave that up to you.  Mix it up with the mac and cheese and serve it up.

Nothing fancy here, but mac hacks generally aren’t, are they?  Don’t worry, I have a recipe all lined up for next time… I have been eying this one for a bit, and I am both curious and slightly nervous as to how it’ll work out.  Are you intrigued too?  Well, I guess you’ll just have to stick around for the next recipe, won’t you


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