An Unexpected Wrench in the Gears

That title is a bit redundant, isn’t it?  I mean, most people don’t expect a wrench to get in the gears, do they?  Otherwise, they would take steps to avoid the wrench getting in there in the first place.

Anyway, what is this wrench and why are we spending so much time talking about it in the first place?  Well, if you’ve been over to my non-mac blog at all, you know I’m currently in the bout of another unplanned, unwilling Unemployment, this one related to chronic health problems.  To make a long story short, continued working with doctors and attempting various treatments have not led to any relief thus far.  At last my primary doctor, whom I’ve been seeing for many years and completely trust, thought we might be able to solve things with an elementary solution, one often overlooked in favor of pharmaceutical and other interventions: a major overhaul in diet.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the healthiest eater.  But I’m guessing y’all pretty well guessed that by now.  I am not as bad as some – I can, in fact, identify vegetables, where food comes from, and I consider myself to have fairly adventurous tastebuds.  But I am a sucker for cheese and/or carbs.  Still, I had spent the better part of a year in pain, not being able to live my life properly – and even when I wasn’t in pain, I was having to deal with the side effects of the medication meant to prevent the pain.  If I had to sacrifice a chicken over an alter to Ba’al in order to get back to normal, I would have done it.  New diet?  Bring it on.

My doctor recommended I read a book called The Anti-Inflammation Diet, and stick to it, since the issues I am dealing with largely relate to pain.  The theory is by cutting out foods that contribute to inflammation, you will reduce or eliminate pain.  You cut them all out for four weeks, then slowly, one by one, you can choose to reintroduce them back in to your diet to test if there were only certain foods that were triggering your inflammation/pain.

So why am I yammering on and on about all this to you folks?  You may have guessed it already.  Those of you who read my section on gluten-free pastas also know that when I first went gluten-free, I also had to go dairy-free for six months… Well, those dark days are back again, my friends.  Even once I hit the stage where I can reintroduce stuff back into my diet, my doctor has recommended no gluten, no dairy (a sparing amount of organic butter is OK), no white/artificial sugars – at the bare minimum (there are many more items the diet cuts out in the first four weeks, i.e., but if nothing else I need to keep those three categories out).

I have been doing this for a little over a week now.  There has been some adjustment, of course, as there must be with a major overhaul to what one  Something had to give, and  shoves in one’s face.  There probably still will be.  I don’t miss the cheese as much as I expected too, perhaps because I have gone without it once before and know I can do it again, instead missing other forbidden items that I must wait to reintroduce and see if I can put them back into my diet or not.  But like it or not, I will do it.  And find a way to like it.  Because I am sick of being sick.  It’s so trite, but it’s true!  Something had to give, and if this is what it is, well then, that’s what it is.  Only time will tell, really.

Where does that leave the future of this blog?  I really don’t know.  Oddly enough, I had found a few vegan recipes for mac and “cheese” which I had intended to do anyway, but more as little oddities here and there.  I do understand that because of a lower lactose content, I may be able to have the occasional non-cow cheese, which is a decent compromise as far as I am concerned: I love goat cheese, and I’m a fan of various sheep’s milk cheeses.  I suppose it just means that updates will be even more sporadic than they have already become, and when they do arrive, you should expect the cheese featured will be from a goat, sheep, or not really a cheese at all.

In the meantime, if you are desperate for my company, as I’m sure you all are, you can follow my non-mac blog, Domestic Dalliances, either here or on Facebook.  I intend to pick up the pace on posting there, but we’ll see how that goes.  You can also follow my little diva-dog, who I’ve mentioned on the blog a few times, on Facebook.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.

Keep macking on!


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