It’s a Major Award!

When checking the Comments and Spam Queue for Weekly Mac, imagine my surprise when I saw that another blogger had nominated me for a blog-award!  Li’l ol me?  I do declare!  Allow me to hide my blush behind my fan.

ANYway, thanks to CJ from Food Stories for awarding me the Illuminating Blogger Award:

Ooh, pretty…

The “rules” of this award ask that I share something random about myself and nominate five other illuminating bloggers.  So here goes:

Something random – One of my favorite desserts is ice cream (or frozen yogurt or frozen custard).  Loverman and I even get it in the winter.  We enjoy ice cream so much that rather than having cake at our wedding (which would have likely cost even more than most wedding cakes generally cost, as gluten-free baked goods usually do), we had an ice cream bar and enjoyed our “first scoop” together!

Five bloggers to nominate:

1) The Novice Yogi – This is run by my friend Jen who explains yoga in a simple, non-threatening way that can be approached by anyone.  OK, a little nepotism here.

2) $35 a Week – How to eat well without spending a lot.

3) Domestic Diva, MD – Humorous anecdotes from life (often in medicine, but not always) combined with recipes.

4) Rural Spin – I just discovered this blog and I love it!  All about modern homesteading.

5) First Ways – Blog about urban foraging and medicinal plants

Never thought I’d get recognized for this humble blog.  Thanks!